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Guest Blog Post from Katie Gamble of Blue Plate Catering

Top Wedding Reception & Menu Trends from Catersource

This past March I had to opportunity to attend the international catering convention, Catersource. Catersource is a four day conference that brings caters from around the world to one place to talk food, trends, and parties. J It’s an amazing opportunity to see what others are doing around the world, brainstorm with people, and take a step back and look at what we do day in and day out in a new light.

Below you will find some of my favorite trends from the conference. We heard about these repeatedly J, and I am sure we’ll be seeing these into 2015 and beyond!

  1. The Year of the Flower

Canopies, seating arrangements, headpieces, dresses – if you can put a flower on it, DO IT.   The trend is lush flowers, cascading and overflowing off tables, on hors d’Oeuvres trays, tucked into napkins, etc.

  1. Brights

Color, color and more color. Gone is the “white wedding” of old and in is the trend of BRIGHT, loud, colors. Event trends follow fashion trends closely and we’re seeing bright colors all over the runways as well. A tip – make the colors consistent. Pick two or three bright colors that you love and pair them with a neutral so they really POP!

  1. The 90’s.

Need I say more?! Think glows sticks, temporary tattoos as favors, hip-hop, break-dancing and neon. Throw in some fun 90’s classics like Pop Rocks and Slap Bracelets to really wow your guests.

  1. Non Traditional Proteins

More and more we’re seeing people stray away from the typical wedding fare of Chicken or Beef. Lamb is having a major comeback, as is fish as the single entrée option. My favorite – try an Herb Crusted Rack of Lamb with Seared Ahi Tuna as a duo entrée – you’re guests will leave not only full but impressed.

  1. Ombre

This is not a trend reserved to hair color. Think Ombre as an overall event design and use it throughout. Invitations, table settings with shading of napkins from table to table, floral, chair cushions, and yes – even an Ombre dessert table. If you love a certain color, this is a great way to use it throughout but keep it interesting.

  1. Plugged In

#HashtagsAreTheBest – Let’s be honest, you’re guests are going to be on their iPhones during the wedding and posting to social media. So why not capture those pics with your own hashtag? Let guests know with cute signage (even on cocktail napkins!) what the hashtag is and encourage people to post on social media. The newest trend in the “plugged in” wedding? A cell phone charging station that allows guests to set their phone in a combination locker with a charger and come back for it whenever they like!

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