Welcome to LK Events, Allison DeKnight!  

Allison joined LK Events in the Spring of 2014 and has been a true asset to this team!  We are so proud to have a new Senior Event Coordinator joining us.  Allison’s passion for weddings is truly what makes her so special to us.  She is extremely organized and detailed and manages every expectation of clients and vendors with grace and a smile.

Congratulations Allison!

Once again, Tammy Leathem outdid herself capturing a fun day with the LK Events team!!   We had a blast at one of our favorite spots, Summer House Santa Monica.  Thank you to Kate and the rest of the team at Summer House for making us feel so welcome!  We love what we do and as you can see, have a blast doing it!!


Lauren, Nicole, Jennifer and Allison

LK-Events-Chicago-Wedding-Planner_3607 LK-Events-Chicago-Wedding-Planner_3610 LK-Events-Chicago-Wedding-Planner_3611 LK-Events-Chicago-Wedding-Planner_3612 LK-Events-Chicago-Wedding-Planner_3613 LK-Events-Chicago-Wedding-Planner_3614 LK-Events-Chicago-Wedding-Planner_3615

Photography by Tammy Leathem Photography.