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When we spend so much time planning events for others – you! – it becomes nearly impossible to write about ourselves. So, its Allison here once again to share with you what I think Carolyn should (but never ever would) write about herself. 

I’ve spent my career in hospitality, working at venues and in catering and the majority of my years in event décor. I liked supporting all of those sides of events but really love to build relationships with my clients, and work with them to create an event that is so unique, and so them. Working with LK Events on the vendor side made it clear this was the only home for me.

Identifying the nuances between the big picture and the unique detail is important in creating the celebration that you and your guests will savor the most. I love focusing on the individual and personalized details for your celebration, and I'm often squirreled away working on an element that I know a client just has to have. One time, I spent a week hand folding and ribbon tying 280 napkins because it was the touch needed to make the table setting absolutely *perfect* and, as I like to say "there is less traffic in the extra mile!" 

My friends and colleagues always comment on my ability to infuse and appreciate the smallest of details in events, and in my personal life. From creating epic individual charcuterie boards, to mastering a cocktail (egg whites are a must!) and most of all bringing dead plants back to life in all their glory, I love a good project. I am an avid Cody Rigsby fan on the bike and am easily talked into going on any type of adventure with my friends. 

I honestly can’t wait for YOUR ah-ha moment, when we find the unique and highly personalized touch for your wedding day. Let's get this party (planning) started!!

Carolyn Flueckiger

senior event consultant