Bridget's love of a team environment is true to her core and coupled with her never-ending appetite for visual details (or in other words, restyling and designing her home) makes wedding planning feel more like a continuous passion project rather than “work.” LK Events in particular stood out as a great place to call home because we truly are a team and family. Just ask her husband – the LK group texts never end! 

Some have called Bridget the ultimate team cheerleader (ok maybe just the LK team does) because they seem to think that she will drop everything at any point in time to be there for them or for her clients, and that she is incapable of saying “no” when she can, in fact, make it all happen. It has been said that they have many years of evidence (this is where Bridget would absolutely refute this statement since she is so humble, even though we all know it is 100% true). But honestly, it brings Bridget so much joy to help her couples and their families feel completely at ease, and she adores helping her colleagues execute their best event days just as much!

When she is not planning, she can usually be found with a Sauvignon Blanc, preferably from New Zealand and playing super mom for her two young kids. She also cannot stop herself from a good re-design and love tackling a project in her new home. When she actually does relax, there is nothing she would rather do than catch up on Bravo TV. She is not at all ashamed to admit that she is a reality TV junkie, and loves zoning out to whatever crazy thing is happening on screen with one of the Housewives or Vanderpumps, or judging the tablescapes on Below Deck. 

Bridget can’t wait for the opportunity to be your biggest advocate in the planning process and see you shine on your wedding day!

Bridget Warren

event consultant


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