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Carolyn here...and honestly sometimes it's easier to have an outside perspective, which I know because I am always asking Allison for her view on things. So, I am thrilled to tell you a little bit about the magician also known as Allison Young, as her, but from me. Get it? Great!

I may have gotten my start in events doing large scale corporate activations and productions, but I found my niche in weddings. Shortly after a mutual friend introduced me to Lauren, there was an "all hands on deck" wedding weekend, and I knew I was hooked. Not only the hustle (I LOVE a good hustle!) but seeing the pieces of the puzzle all fall into place after what I knew was over a year of planning, I couldn't wait to dive right in with clients of my own!

Sometimes you'll hear people say choosing their favorite part of a job they love is like choosing a favorite child but I disagree. While I love what I do, I L-O-V-E logistics and relationships. The event industry is filled with talented professionals, and nothing makes me smile bigger than pairing you with your perfect team - service providers you trust of course, but people you'll want to be friends with long after your reception concludes. Working alongside an incredible team, there is no logistical complication I am afraid to tackle. I worked with a couple who wanted to be married at Theater on the Lake and the available Saturday also happened to coincide with the Air & Water big deal!! Thorough planning, water tight logistics, and nonstop communication (and a little Fullerton exit scuffle with traffic control) all came together to create one of the most memorable weddings of my career!

Outside of work I'm still looking for a challenge and a hustle to boost my mojo - usually at CrossTown Fitness, in an effort to go faster or lift heavier than I did the day before. Choosing my favorite child, unlike my favorite part of the job, is easy because I have just one and she definitely keeps me on my toes. But don't get me wrong, I love to relax with reality TV and live sporting events (and yes, I practically always cry - it is so emotional seeing people win!) and no matter where we are, or what we're doing you can count on me to be at least five minutes early! 

Allison DeKnight Young

senior event consultant