Drape Kings

Guest Blogger: Whitney Taylor from Drape Kings

Similar to lighting, unique and carefully thought out draping can elevate an event to the next level. We sat down with Whitney Taylor from Drape Kings to get her thoughts on draping.

About Whitney Taylor:
The Arts & Entertainment umbrella is where my passion and career have lived for over a decade. I have a background of special event and staff management, business development, marketing, and arts administration. I’m currently the Business Development Manager for Drape Kings Chicago, where I’ve happily been almost 5 years.

Why did you choose to work in the event industry?

I love every component that goes into the making of an EVENT: how a cavernous space can transform into a rock concert, large conference, anything imaginable. Road cases, truss, motors, drape, everything rolling onto a show floor is very exciting. I also find the ephemeral nature of events fascinating. The event itself is such a fleeting moment, compared to the monumental planning and logistical efforts pre-and post-event. But, the magic in that moment makes it all worth it.

Name one of your most memorable events and why is it so special to you?

Our first year in Chicago we did over a mile of drape for Michelle Obama’s Let’s Move Campaign at McCormick Place. Being new to my job, and the event drape world, it was a fascinating event to be a part of, especially one of such monumental scale. Working with secret service, on the nuances of what’s needed for POTUS is a fascinating and quickly-changing experience.

Why do you belong to NACE?

It allows for deep connections to be made to industry colleagues which I can’t create elsewhere. Getting to work with fellow members as complete equals – on committees and our board is invaluable. Within the organization, the ‘professional hierarchy’ doesn’t exist; prospective clients, fellow vendors, business owners, industry icons, students – all are viewed at the same level, with great respect and admiration. Working together to create events, alongside role models and new industry professionals alike is an amazing experience. And… you always have an ear to the ground on the latest Chicago industry happenings!

If you were not draping at beautiful events, what would you be doing?

Walking my Min Pin Merlin by the beach, looking at art, gardening in WI, or spending time with my family.

What is your favorite restaurant in Chicago?

Probably my kitchen! I love restaurants, and each’s diverse ambiance, but I really enjoy being creative preparing my own dishes (which don’t involve following recipes most of the time!) and just enjoying being at home.

Photos: Provided by Drape Kings