Wedding Showcase on a Budget at Chez

All of us on the LK Events team were elated when this past winter we were asked to participate in a wedding showcase at one of our favorite venues in the city – Chez. When we were asked to showcase our services at a booth for newly engaged couples, we struggled with where to begin. How can we show everything that we do on one table? If you are a regular reader of our blog, you might know that our strengths and passions are linked to matching the perfect event professional for our couples and clients, bringing their vision to life, and being their guide through the planning process. We kept thinking that everything that our clients rely on from us is not a tangible product to showcase. It wasn’t until we were brainstorming as a team one day that we realized one aspect that the majority of our clients ask us or struggle with on a regular basis – budgeting for décor.


We had a goal of showcasing how we guide our clients through developing a realistic budget for their guest count and vision and how it all comes to life. We were so excited about this idea and quickly called our friends at Revel Décor and Tablescapes to help us bring our ideas to life. We had so much fun working with our peers to develop the two tables shown side by side below and were thrilled to talk to newly engaged couples about how to mix and match elements to fit their vision at the Chez Wedding Pop Up!

We are excited to share some of our insider tips on how to develop a strategy for your décor needs and how to mix and match high and low end pieces to create a unique and personal ambiance for your wedding!

  • Before meeting with your planner or a designer, make a list of your priorities for décor. What are the elements that are most important to you? Whether it is custom linens, a specific flower, lighting, or unique seating; your designer and planner will help guide you on how to achieve your “must have” items in your budget!
  • If you would like to cut back spending your budget on linens, remember that you do not need to stick with white cotton poly linen! Colored linens in the same fabric all cost the same price and can bring so much warmth and personality into your reception.
  • If you dream of large and tall centerpieces but can not budget having one at every table, your designer will work with you to create two to three designs in varying price points. Mixing the centerpiece designs not only works with your budget, but also gives your guests so much more to experience at your reception!
  • As we’ve alluded to a few times now, mixing and matching is a great approach to hit any budget! Love a designer linen but can’t afford to outfit every table? Add it to the head table and the escort card table! Or mix and match textured and classic linens in the same color to create dimension. Love chargers for your place settings? Consider using them only at your head table or trying a chop plate at a lower cost instead.

There are so many ways to execute your dreams for your wedding reception and we love being your guide in the process! Thank you so much to our friends at Chez, Revel Décor, Tablescapes, Windy City Linen, Entertaining Company and of course – Vanessa Wheeler at Averyhouse for the incredible photos!

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