Planning Your Ceremony

The LK Events team receives a number of questions about ceremonies and we thought we would share some of our favorite ideas and moments!

1. What is your favorite moment of the ceremony?

LAUREN:   “Watching our couples see one another for the first time walking down the aisle.  That moment is incredible and the facial expression tells it all.”

NICOLE:   “I love when the officiant has a story to tell about the couple. There is something about their love and tenacity and their journey that comes through in that story and I cry every time.”

JENNIFER:   “My favorite moment of the ceremony is after they have been announced as a couple and they are recessing down the aisle grinning ear-to-ear & hand-in-hand.  That being said, a close second is listening to their vows, as it’s such a perfect personal moment.”

ALLISON:   “The moment when the couple is standing together at the altar right before the officiant begins a passage, there is a sense of calm and love that washes over their faces. It makes me smile each and every ceremony.”

LARA:   “My favorite moment of any ceremony is the exchanging of the vows. There’s something about the promises being made (whether traditional wedding vows or something originally written by the couple) that reminds everyone why they are there. It almost always brings tears to my eyes and a smile to my face.”


2. LK Events has been a part of hundreds of ceremonies…tell us about a very funny (or not so funny) thing that happened at a ceremony?

JENNIFER:   “All I can think of is the time an officiant mispronounced the bride’s name.  It was especially horrifying because her dad brought him in specifically to perform the ceremony.”

ALLISON:   “A funny moment that seems to happen in many ceremonies is when one of the couples repeats their vows while looking at the officiant. I know it is tempting to look at the officiant while listening for your words, but now is the time to say those loving phrases you picked out to your new spouse!”

LARA:   “I think any moment of imperfection makes the ceremony that much more special and memorable. Whether is a little mis-step down the aisle or a slight stutter during the vows. It usually results in a giggle, and the calming reassurance that everyone there is family and friends.”

LAUREN:   “I will never forget the hot summer day where we had a beautiful ceremony overlooking Lake Michigan.  All was going swimmingly until the officiant’s iPad blew out from the heat. I was able to hand the officiant a printed ceremony script so fast and hardly any of the guests realized the short pause that took place. One of the many reasons to hire a wedding planner…”

NICOLE:   “I once had a couple that did Rock Paper Scissors to see who would say their vows first. Everyone was giggling over that move.”

5-16-15 Sima + Jonathan Wedding Stone Gate Banquets Hoffman Estates, IL @2014 Jennifer Kathryn Photography

3. What is your favorite reading for a ceremony?

ALLISON:   “One of my favorite readings was actually done in song. Since music played such a big role in their lives, they chose to have friends sing during their ceremony. It was so touching and unique to them!”

LARA:   “My favorite reading is anything unique to the couple. I’ve seen passages from books or lyrics from a favorite song. I love these special touches more than any traditional reading.”

LAUREN:   “I love when couples use non-traditional poems, song lyrics or something meaningful to them in their relationship.”

NICOLE:   “My favorite reading for a wedding ceremony is ‘i carry your heart’ by e e cummings.”

JENNIFER:   “I personally love non-traditional readings for a ceremony.  One of my favorites was when my brides selected a Carole King song and then put their own twist on how it was presented. Instead of having their readers at the front of the room, as a surprise to their guests they chose four different couples who then stood up from where they were seated and read their part from the song.”


4. Thinking of a non-traditional ceremony, what is the most creative song or musician choice that you have seen?

LARA:   “I once had a bride walk down the aisle to ‘A Thousand Years’ sung beautifully, live on the top of a mountain in Michigan. I really cannot imagine anything more beautiful.”

LAUREN:   “I may be biased, but my sister sang ‘Feels Like Home’ as I walked down the aisle.  Not only was that song so special to my husband and I, but to my sister and I as well.  Having my sister sing that song (with her band) was one of the highlights of my entire wedding day. I love when couples get to incorporate personal music selections into their ceremony, it makes it that much more personal and unique.”

NICOLE:   “I absolutely love a harp for a ceremony and actually I do not see that very often. But I think my favorite so far has been a string octet playing ‘All of the Lights’ by Kanye West featuring Rihanna and Kid Cudi while the Bride walked down the aisle.”

JENNIFER:   “The most creative song choice I have seen at a non-traditional ceremony was when the couple recessed to ‘You Make My Dreams Come True’ by Hall & Oates.  It was totally their personalities and a fun way to kick off cocktail hour.”

ALLISON:   “Like Lauren, I can’t help but think about my best friend singing ‘Sea of Love’ as I walked down the aisle with my dad. Her voice is so angelic and it was so special to have her be a part of such an emotional moment of the ceremony for me.”


May your ceremony be everything you imagined it to be!


LK Events

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