Linens and Tabletop Rentals with Brooke from BBJ Linen

Guest Blogger: Brooke from BBJ Linen

What colors or textures are popping for a 2016 Winter or Spring wedding?

With so many weddings happening every year I find clients desiring to “being different” – So we focus on the DETAILS. Many of the new details include layering linen and adding dimension to create a tablescape versus just covering a naked table. Whether that means taking beloved “traditional” colors and making the tabletop literally pop with three-dimensional embellishing Charger plates, or experimenting with runners and overlays.

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We think chair covers for weddings are a thing of the past, do you agree? What is on the horizon for fabrics at events (both weddings and corporate)?

As long as there are typical stackable Ballroom Chairs, there will always be chair covers. Chair covers have migrated from being on trend to now being functional. But why not have fun with function and rent a Spandex cover in a brilliant color to enhance the Corporate branding of your client or an even funky pattern? With so many chair options available for rent, our designers are creating amazing accents for any occasion including chair backs, ribbon tie accents, chair jackets, or even cascading ruffles. The possibilities are endless, which is what makes our job as BBJ designers so fun! We have the capability to design, create and implement the clients vision.

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What was your favorite theme event and what role did BBJ Linen have in it?

This season, it’s all about woodland motifs, natural fibers, creatively displays and tons of metallic accents. My favorite twist on that (so far) has been A Fire and Ice Wedding designed by Monica Richards of Mon Amie Events in Indianapolis. Working together with Monica and The Alexander Hotel, we created guest experience that began with a HOT Cocktail reception of all Crimson linen and lighting, complete with a Glass Blowing Artist to entertain. We chose monochromatic linen of all different textures to elevate experience and create visual texture as exciting as the entertainment.
The Ballroom at the Alexander was transformed into an Ice Palace fitting for Princess Elsa. The cool tones of blue lighting enhanced the alternating metallic Silver Birch and textured Nile Sonnet Linens, converging on the dance floor to create an icy flowing sea. The Turquoise Luxe Metallic Charger plates were the jewels that completed the experience.

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When you have a day off in Chicago, what is your favorite thing to do, see, or eat?

Since moving to the “Country” two years ago, I love to play tourist whenever in the city. A perfect day would be an Architectural Boat Tour, followed by cocktails on the Trump Terrace. Then off to Bella Note on Grand Avenue for our traditional family dinner with my 89 year old Mother in Law, my favorite Chicago resident. And topping off the perfect day, on to the UC for a Blackhawks game! AND If I am still dreaming, seats on the glass, please…..

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