So Grateful!

Hard to believe this year is coming to an end.  We have so much to be thankful for!  LK Events celebrated our 5th Anniversary this August and we are so grateful for our incredible colleagues in this industry who have supported us these past five years and watched us grow as a company.  In those five years we have also worked with so many couples that have inspired us, laughed with us, and made it so easy and fun to do our job. We thank each and every one of you from the bottom of our hearts!

Have a safe and Happy Holiday Season Everyone!


Wedding-Events-Planner-Lauren-Knuepfer-98I have so much to be thankful for this year.  First and foremost, my son Jack was born in March and I never knew I could love anyone more.  He makes me want to be a better mother, wife and career woman.  It’s crazy how much my world has changed with him in it but I wouldn’t have it any other way.  I cherish every minute that I get to spend with him and I am grateful for our time together.

I am forever grateful to my husband, Bryan, for allowing me to run my company and plan weddings while also being a Mom.  He is the most hands-on Dad and I love him more everyday that I see him with our son.

I am grateful for my incredible team – Nicole, Jennifer and Allison.  I am so proud of all you have done, your accomplishments as planners and business women.  You have taken LK Events further than I ever thought possible and I am truly grateful.  Thank you, for all you do.

I am incredibly lucky to be the daughter of Nancy and Robb who celebrated their 37th wedding anniversary on the same day I celebrated our 3rd this year.  I have the most loving in laws and together, these four grandparents are always available and love spending time with Jack and their other 3 other grandchildren.  I am an Aunt to Robby, Grace, William, Clare, Johnny and Ethan and we are now within blocks of each other.   My siblings and friends – thank you for being you.  I am surrounded by the most caring and loving family and friends and this time of year reminds me how truly blessed we are.

To My Uncle Jim – may you rest in peace and know we are thinking about you constantly.  We will miss you this Holiday Season…but we know you are smiling down on us and toasting with us.  I Love You.

Lauren Knuepfer Rozum



Wedding-Events-Planner-Nicole-Zenner-108Wow, another year has gone by and 2014 has been a year of many blessings, and for that I am so incredibly thankful. My faith continues to grow stronger and my word to reflect on all year has been “Grace.” I have felt grace this year and I have strived to show grace to others.

I am thankful for my parents, Mark & Jeanne. The unconditional love and support from them fills my heart with joy and security. With 40 years of marriage under their belt, their relationship inspires me. I am thankful for my “little” brothers, Shaun & Christopher. They and their families make me laugh, keep me humble, and allow me to travel the U.S.

I am thankful for my friends who understand my never-ending work schedule and always seem to be available when I need to catch up over a football game or a glass of champagne and oysters. Lastly, I am thankful for my LK Events family – Lauren, Jennifer & Allison. These brilliant ladies lift me up each day and I am forever grateful.

Nicole Zenner



Wedding-Events-Planner-Jennifer-Crouch-119As 2014 comes to a close I look back on what has been quite a year for me both personally and professionally.  I love learning about other cultures while traveling the world and this year I was fortunate enough to take an amazing trip with one of my besties, Katie, to Morocco, Portugal and Spain.  Morocco was an amazing experience and reinforced my belief to never judge a book by its cover but to only look at what is on the inside as that is where the beauty truly lies.  I am thankful that I could buy my first place and make a home for myself and my furry kids, Oliver and Gloria.  

I am grateful for my health.  I am forever in debt to all of the geniuses that have given us the technology we have so we may stay in contact with our loved ones all over the world.  I am in awe of the young men my nephews, Colton and Gabriel, have become and appreciate that they still make time for their auntie despite their busy schedules.  I am honored to still have my Grandma Nelson at age 93 to learn from and that she is still able to live on her own.  Thank you to my “little” cousins Scott & Jeff and their families for your service in our Air Force.  A huge thank you to my patient and wonderful friends for understanding my crazy schedule and for always believing in me and being by my side through everything.  

To my parents who have to be the two most selfless parents a child could hope for.  They were willing and did drop everything in their lives to be by my side when I needed them most and I know would do it again and again if need be.  To my LK ladies I am so fortunate to have the three of you in my life.  You ladies have been such an inspiration to me and I am thankful daily that I have you to grow with professionally and personally and to drink another glass of wine with too.

Jennifer Crouch



IWedding-Events-Planner-Allison-112 find myself full of thanks this year, and so happy to be able to share it with the amazing friends and family that I am lucky enough to have by my side. I am so thankful that I was blessed enough to marry my best friend this year. Dave, thank you for being an amazing husband and friend. I am grateful for my parents, Bob & Carol, whose unconditional love keeps me motivated and full of life. My grandparents, Anna & Bill have been married for 65 years and still hold each other tight – you have been, and always will be, role models for our whole family. My brother, Joe, the free spirit who teaches me to take risks and never settle.  The Young family – David, Jane, Cara, Andrew, Allison, Eric and my two nieces Haven and Eden, thank you for welcoming me with open arms and smiles as I (formally) joined your family.

This past year brought so many new and exciting changes, and I am beyond thankful for the friends who always believed in me and handed me a glass of wine and a giggle through it all.  Lastly, I am so lucky to be able to call my LK Events colleagues life long friends and mentors. Thank you, Lauren, Nicole, and Jennifer for teaching me something new everyday all through never–ending laughs. I am constantly motivated by each of your spirits and dedication.

Allison DeKnight Young