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We’re So Grateful!

lk-events-grateful-2016_2642 Hard to believe Thanksgiving is tomorrow!  We are so grateful for what each day has brought us.  I especially love this post because it allows us to take a moment to reflect and think about what 2016 has meant to us.  We wish you all a safe and wonderful Holiday weekend filled with family, friends, food and champagne, of course!

Lauren KnuepferI am especially grateful for this year, as 2016 reminded me how lucky I am to be still doing what I love most. After seven successful years of running LK Events and planning my dream client’s weddings and events, I was able to take a tiny step back to focus on my family. My time (even though it never felt long enough), made me realize how much I love this industry, how much I truly love planning weddings and how incredible this company is. Thank you to my couples and their families; I have made lifelong friends and have had some of the most memorable weddings to date.

Watching my children grow has been the greatest gift God could have ever given me. I am eternally grateful for my husband (and rock), Bryan, my precocious son, Jack and my precious baby girls, Lucy and Ellie…(who are no longer babies).  You two were the biggest surprise in my life but I can’t imagine my world without you. As Carrie Underwood wrote (and what I sing to you everyday), “I finally found, what I never knew I always wanted.”   You kiddos keep me on my toes (literally) all day, you make me laugh harder than I ever thought possible and I can’t wait to come home to our nightly dance parties.

I am grateful for Sunday Fun Days, now that majority of my immediate family have made their way to the suburbs. Somehow, we happen to have dinner together every Sunday. Our kids are so close and I am so excited to watch them grow up together. My nieces and nephews are my world. I am grateful for my parents and in laws who have been the BEST Nana’s and Papa’s to our babies and provides them with the most unconditional love. To my best friends (old and new) who continue to inspire me and make me laugh even when we aren’t living in the same city anymore….I cherish the times we spend together and grateful that we can still laugh and talk for hours.

This company has grown again and I couldn’t be more proud. Bridget and Lara, congratulations on your first successful year with LK Events!!  Nicole, Jennifer, Allison, Bridget and Lara – you are the heart and soul of LK Events. I am so lucky to have you on my team. I continue to learn from each of you every day. You make me a better Mom and a better business owner by providing me with the most unconditional support and love. You are my family, my closest friends and my inspiration. And to the new additions about to make their debut into this world, Baby Young and Baby Warren – welcome to the family!! We can’t wait to spoil you!

It has definitely been an interesting year but I am SO excited for 2017 and what’s to come!! It’s going to be our best year yet!


Nicole ZennerI think I speak for most people when they say that 2016 has been a roller coaster of a year. I am grateful that I have weathered the ride – I have grown as an event professional, I have evolved as a friend, I have become a stronger individual. I am thankful for this year’s journey.
A special thank you to my family and friends who never question my commitment to my clients and are patient with my crazy schedule. To my ILEA family – you continue to inspire me, refuel my passion, and keep me driving to be a better event professional. A very heartfelt thank you to my clients, past and present, and the trust you put in me to help you plan your special day. I am grateful to call many of you dear friends! Finally, to Lauren, Jennifer, Allison, Lara, & Bridget – thank you for always sharing a smile, a shoulder, a bottle of champs and your friendship.


Jennifer2016 had some amazing highs and some not so fabulous lows. I am thankful for both as the lows made me appreciate the highs even more. I am most thankful that I was able to celebrate my Grandma’s 95th Birthday with her this year. I was fortunate enough to travel & explore Austria & Croatia with one of my best friends. We met wonderful people, saw beautiful places & things & I was able to eat anything I wanted which for someone with a lot of dietary restrictions this was a real treat! Oh how I miss those chocolate croissants! I was so fortunate to have another amazing year building relationships with clients and other wedding professionals. I am so appreciative to have another year with the lovely ladies of LK & thank them for their constant support, friendship & willingness to always pop a bottle of champs or uncork a bottle of wine. Love you ladies!


AllisonWith 2016 coming to a close, I am so grateful for my growing family! This Thanksgiving will be spent waiting for our first little one to enter our lives, which I know will never be the same. This little girl is already so loved and I just can not wait to introduce her to family, friends and of course my LK family too! Until then, I am also thankful for all the Thanksgiving pies and treats to make the end of this long wait just a bit more bearable. Oh, and Andy Cohen’s new book! 🙂

I am also so thankful for my husband, Dave, who makes me laugh everyday and never complains when I work late or ask for help alphabetizing escort cards on a Friday night. My friends and family who are spread across both coasts – I miss you all every day and continue to relish any time we spend together.

Thank you to all the couples I have been blessed with over the past year. Each of you have taught me something new and let me be a part of such an intimate and special day in your lives and I will never forget it.

And to my LK Events team – thank you for being family, friends, coworkers and everything in between. We grew so much as a company this year and and it only makes me that much more excited to share all of our passion and knowledge with the incredible couples we get to work with. Can not wait to celebrate the end of 2016 with many glasses of wine!


BridgetAs I reflect back on this year, I have SO much to be thankful for, and have spent 2016 continually grateful. First and foremost, I am so very thankful for my husband, Mark, my rock, sounding board, and constant support. His love and laughter through even the toughest of times, keeps me going, and I wouldn’t be who I am without him. And for the little one we are expecting this spring. We haven’t met you yet, but my love for you already is more than I could imagine, and I am thankful for you every day.

I am thankful for my family and friends, who no matter the distance, continue to support and encourage me through life with unwavering guidance, approval and love.

I am thankful to be a part of this amazing LK team! To Lauren, Nicole, Allison, Jennifer and Lara, thank you for believing in me and giving me the opportunity to grow in my love and dedication to event planning! Thank you for being a constant support, guidance and source of laughter through it all. You ladies make this job incredibly rewarding, and I am in constant awe of each one of you! And to each couple I have met along the way, I am thankful to know you, and to have the opportunity to share in your love!

Lastly, I am thankful to be healthy and happy, to have taken risks and made choices that have brought me to where I am today. I look forward to the year ahead and all that is to come! Cheers to 2016, and hello 2017!


LaraI feel like I say this every year, but in 2016 I’m so grateful for how much I’ve learned and grown. I was able to prioritize my own happiness, which has made 2016 one of my happiest and healthiest years yet. I am so thankful for my husband, who supports and encourages me every day. We brought home a little puppy this year and it’s been so fun to watch him practice being a dad to our ball of fur. I’m thankful for my siblings and my parents who are my best friends in the entire world. I’m also thankful for all of my other amazing friends, who are so often selfless beyond measure. I am thankful each day for the girls on this team, who lead by example, are so kind, knowledgeable, and most importantly, the best people to share a drink and a laugh with. I’m hopeful that 2017 will be filled with many more (drinks and laughs).


An Autumnal Affair at the Iconic Drake Hotel

Hard to believe Ashley and Jim’s October 31st wedding was almost a year ago! From the moment I spoke to Ashley over the phone, I knew we would become fast friends; we clicked immediately! I was so excited to plan Ashley and Jim’s nuptials, especially because they happen to be friends with past clients of mine from Food For Thought. Ashley and Jim are two of the most sincere people I have ever met. They are absolutely adorable together and no matter what decision was being made, they always put each other and their family first.

After looking at a few venues, Ashley and Jim chose the Drake Hotel. Ashley had a feeling all along that the Drake was “the one” and they fell in love with the Grand Ballroom for their October wedding. After choosing Kent Drake to document the wedding weekend and Déjà vu to entertain us all night, we focused on floral and décor and selecting the perfect invitations and day of paper from Magnificent Milestones.

Erin at Revel Decor designed this autumnal affair where she created a brilliant fabric archway for the ceremony with suspended votive candles hanging throughout the entire installation. Pops or orange orchid blossoms hung amongst the glowing candles giving an illusion of floating candlelight and blossoms. Since it happened to be on Halloween, Ashley wanted to give her guests a little fun and seasonal accent. We greeted guests with metallic gold painted mini pumpkins that held escort cards designed by Magnificent Milestones. The tables were adorned with rich orange and white botanicals consisting of hydrangea, roses, orchids and calla lilies and touches of green and burgundy floral hanging. We added foliage and branches to add height to the tall pieces and an abundance of candlelight throughout the entire ballroom.

Ashley and Jim had one of the most heartfelt ceremonies and it was truly an honor being a part of the planning experience and wedding weekend. I am fortunate to call Ashley a dear friend and we couldn’t be happier for you and Jim! Congratulations on one year and thank you for choosing LK Events!

Ashley-Jim-Kent-Drake-Photo-The-Drake-Chicago-Wedding-Planner_0148 Ashley-Jim-Kent-Drake-Photo-The-Drake-Chicago-Wedding-Planner_0152 Ashley-Jim-Kent-Drake-Photo-The-Drake-Chicago-Wedding-Planner_0147 Ashley-Jim-Kent-Drake-Photo-The-Drake-Chicago-Wedding-Planner_0145 Ashley-Jim-Kent-Drake-Photo-The-Drake-Chicago-Wedding-Planner_0149 Ashley-Jim-Kent-Drake-Photo-The-Drake-Chicago-Wedding-Planner_0150 Ashley-Jim-Kent-Drake-Photo-The-Drake-Chicago-Wedding-Planner_0146 Ashley-Jim-Kent-Drake-Photo-The-Drake-Chicago-Wedding-Planner_0158 Ashley-Jim-Kent-Drake-Photo-The-Drake-Chicago-Wedding-Planner_0177 Ashley-Jim-Kent-Drake-Photo-The-Drake-Chicago-Wedding-Planner_0162 Ashley-Jim-Kent-Drake-Photo-The-Drake-Chicago-Wedding-Planner_0163 Ashley-Jim-Kent-Drake-Photo-The-Drake-Chicago-Wedding-Planner_0164 Ashley-Jim-Kent-Drake-Photo-The-Drake-Chicago-Wedding-Planner_0153 Ashley-Jim-Kent-Drake-Photo-The-Drake-Chicago-Wedding-Planner_0157 Ashley-Jim-Kent-Drake-Photo-The-Drake-Chicago-Wedding-Planner_0155 Ashley-Jim-Kent-Drake-Photo-The-Drake-Chicago-Wedding-Planner_0154 Ashley-Jim-Kent-Drake-Photo-The-Drake-Chicago-Wedding-Planner_0168 Ashley-Jim-Kent-Drake-Photo-The-Drake-Chicago-Wedding-Planner_0173 Ashley-Jim-Kent-Drake-Photo-The-Drake-Chicago-Wedding-Planner_0166 Ashley-Jim-Kent-Drake-Photo-The-Drake-Chicago-Wedding-Planner_0167 Ashley-Jim-Kent-Drake-Photo-The-Drake-Chicago-Wedding-Planner_0169 Ashley-Jim-Kent-Drake-Photo-The-Drake-Chicago-Wedding-Planner_0170 Ashley-Jim-Kent-Drake-Photo-The-Drake-Chicago-Wedding-Planner_0174 Ashley-Jim-Kent-Drake-Photo-The-Drake-Chicago-Wedding-Planner_0175 Ashley-Jim-Kent-Drake-Photo-The-Drake-Chicago-Wedding-Planner_0176 Ashley-Jim-Kent-Drake-Photo-The-Drake-Chicago-Wedding-Planner_0171 Ashley-Jim-Kent-Drake-Photo-The-Drake-Chicago-Wedding-Planner_0172 Ashley-Jim-Kent-Drake-Photo-The-Drake-Chicago-Wedding-Planner_0161 Ashley-Jim-Kent-Drake-Photo-The-Drake-Chicago-Wedding-Planner_0178 Ashley-Jim-Kent-Drake-Photo-The-Drake-Chicago-Wedding-Planner_0179 Ashley-Jim-Kent-Drake-Photo-The-Drake-Chicago-Wedding-Planner_0180

Ceremony and Reception: The Drake Hotel
Wedding Planner: Lauren, LK Events
Photographer: Kent Drake Photography
Hair: Lauren Logan
Make Up: Krystal Hall (bride)
Jessica Bernardi-Meeker (bridesmaids and family)
Transportation: VIP Valet Services
Dress: Jenny Yoo
Bridesmaid Dresses: Jenny Yoo
Groom’s Tux: Jos. A. Banks
Entertainment: Deja Vu
Officiate: Bruce Otto, Spirited Weddings
Invitations and Day of Paper: Magnificent Milestones
Rehearsal Dinner: Osteria Via Stato

Insider Secret – Budget for Food & Beverage

Chicago is a city known for culinary masters and we find that many of our couples prioritize the food and beverage experience at their wedding. We want to share some helpful hints as you review venue and catering proposals for your special day.

Before you begin thinking of your menu and specialty cocktails, we ask our clients to find their comfort threshold for their wedding food & beverage. A great way to start is to think about this scenario: If the two of you were to go out for a nice dinner in Chicago…have a cocktail and an appetizer, a salad course, a bottle of wine, entrée and dessert…how much would you expect to pay for this night out? Now multiply that by 150 guests…or 250 guests. That begins to put things into perspective as you map out how much you will pay for food & beverage on your wedding day.


Besides the guest count, here are other items that will affect your food & beverage budget:

    • Chicago weddings are known to be open bar weddings – that is about 4 hours of alcohol being served to your friends and family – with a separate wine service for dinner. Some venues require that your alcohol or mixers are purchased through them, so make sure they provide you pricing in their proposal so that you have a complete understanding of your commitment.
    • Beef and some Fish/Seafood entrees are going to be more expensive than a Chicken entrée and when given the choice, most guests will opt for Beef.
    • Everyone loves the idea of Food Stations, but they are actually more expensive than a plated dinner.
    • While specialty cocktails and late night snacks are a popular option, you never have to apply your full guest count to these items…not everyone will try these.
    • Review your proposal carefully to understand what rental items (i.e. tables, chairs, linens, etc) are included in the cost.

Your guests will remember the food & beverage experience at your wedding, so take the time to understand the costs involved in feeding 150 or 250 guests and then you can have fun with your menu choices!


LK Events

Wedding-Planning-Budget-Food-Drink-Chicago-LK-Events_0406 Wedding-Planning-Budget-Food-Drink-Chicago-LK-Events_0407 Wedding-Planning-Budget-Food-Drink-Chicago-LK-Events_0408

Photography: averyhouse, Kent Drake Photography

Irene & Rich, The Racquet Club of Chicago

Congratulations to Irene and Rich who welcomed their son, Luis Felix Paris into the world on March 9th.  He is absolutely beautiful and we could not be happier for you all!

We had so much fun on Irene and Rich’s wedding day.  We began the day getting ready in Irene’s home with her closest friends and family by her side.   After getting dressed in her Amsale gown, Irene met Rich for their first look at the South Gardens of the Art Institute.   Photos continued around the city and then we came back to the Racquet Club to get ready for the ceremony.

Irene carried a textural bouquet composed of blush and white peonies, white ranunculus, blush and white roses and elegant stephanotis blossoms. Guests were greeted by a striking display of monobotanic and monochromatic bouquets in varying glass cylinder vases on mirrored pedestals.  Irene and Rich exchanged vows framed by a collection of pedestals hosting lush floral in an asymmetric configuration.

Irene is from Venezuela so many of their guests were traveling internationally.   It was so important that their friends and family felt comfortable and at home while enjoying the wedding reception. Heffernan Morgan brought in tufted brown leather bars and dark wooden and iron bistro tables for the lounge that allowed their friends and family to sit back and relax throughout the evening.  Guests enjoyed mini chicken empanadas and lamb lollipops and the Racquet Club’s famous sausage en croute along with a gorgeous raw bar display.

The dining tables were adorned with blush peonies, ivory hydrangea, bright green viburnum and pink roses.  We completed the look with tapered candles, pillar candles and etched glass votive candles.  After a delightful dinner of red wine braised short ribs and seared mahi mahi, guests were invited back into the lounge for cake, assorted desserts and dancing. Kent Drake was there to capture it all.  Irene and Rich have one of the most beautiful relationships and I was honored to be a part of their wedding.

IreneRich-2015-Chicago-Wedding-Planning_0055 IreneRich-2015-Chicago-Wedding-Planning_0056 IreneRich-2015-Chicago-Wedding-Planning_0057 IreneRich-2015-Chicago-Wedding-Planning_0058 IreneRich-2015-Chicago-Wedding-Planning_0059 IreneRich-2015-Chicago-Wedding-Planning_0060 IreneRich-2015-Chicago-Wedding-Planning_0061 IreneRich-2015-Chicago-Wedding-Planning_0062 IreneRich-2015-Chicago-Wedding-Planning_0354 IreneRich-2015-Chicago-Wedding-Planning_0063 IreneRich-2015-Chicago-Wedding-Planning_0064 IreneRich-2015-Chicago-Wedding-Planning_0356 IreneRich-2015-Chicago-Wedding-Planning_0066 IreneRich-2015-Chicago-Wedding-Planning_0357 IreneRich-2015-Chicago-Wedding-Planning_0355 IreneRich-2015-Chicago-Wedding-Planning_0358 IreneRich-2015-Chicago-Wedding-Planning_0359 IreneRich-2015-Chicago-Wedding-Planning_0360 IreneRich-2015-Chicago-Wedding-Planning_0069

Ceremony and Reception: The Racquet Club of Chicago
Photography: Kent Drake Photography
Ceremony Music: Artistrings
Reception Entertainment: The Chris Sarlas Orchestra
Wedding Cake: Elysia Root Cakes
Floral and Décor: Heffernan Morgan
Lighting: Frost Chicago
Linens: BBJ Linen
Tables: Chicago Farm Tables
Officiant: Bruce Otto, Spirited Weddings
Make Up: Brian Sutherby @ Muse Beauty
Hair: Angelair Salon
Hair on Site: Lauren Logan
Getting Ready Location: Bride’s Home
Honeymoon Suite: The Thompson Hotel
Dress: Amsale
Rehearsal Dinner: Sixteen @ the Trump International Hotel and Tower
Post Wedding Brunch: Fig and Olive
Invitations and Day of Items: Magnificent Milestones
Transportation: VIP Valet Services

2015 In Review

We are so thankful for the couples that we were able to work with in 2015! Their journeys of love, their family dynamics, and their wedding day vision had our hearts full all year long. They had us at historic venues and clubs in Chicago, private residences in Lake Geneva, and even in Door County WI. We are so honored to have spent this year with you and celebrated with you!

THANK YOU Stephanie & Chris, Kendall & Ben, Kathryn & Jed, Stephanie & Brian, Klarrise & Jay, Sima & Jonathan, Katie & Dave, Leslie & Scott, Kylie & David, Laurin & Andy, Allison & Matt, Sara & Jon, Irene & Rich, Katy & Karl, Eleni & Steve, Claire & Billy, Stephanie & Pat, Jennifer & Wick, Katie & Connor, Analisa & Andres, Andrea & Lupe, Megan & Darrin, Hilary & Nick, Lindsey & Valbon, Stephanie & David, Liz & Lou, Mollie & David, Ashley & Jim, Elena & Rob, Samantha & Sean, Sarah & TJ, Melanie & Richard, and Becky & Jeff for bringing us into your lives! We congratulate you on being newlyweds and wish you many blessings in the years ahead!

Cheers to Love, Laughter & Happily Ever After!


Lauren, Nicole, Jennifer, Allison & Lara


Photo credits: Amanda Hein Photography, averyhouse, Cristina G Photography, Dabble Me This, Elena Bazini Photography, Gerber & Scarpelli, Jennifer Kathryn Photography, Kent Drake Photography, Rebecca Marie Photography & Design.

Amanda & Chris, The Ivy Room

Amanda, Chris and I bonded over our love of food and Southern Tier’s Pumking Beer. Our planning meetings had an extra special something because we tried new restaurants, while going over all of the details for their gorgeous and playful Fall wedding last year.

Amanda and Chris chose to get ready at the Embassy Suites and to have their ‘First Look’ there. Kent, from Kent Drake Photography, continually amazes me with his talent in capturing the essence of couples and the most unique shots, like the one of Amanda and Chris in the two different elevators. Every detail, perfectly captured! After some photos with just the couple, Kent took the entire wedding party out around Chicago for additional photos.

Guests began arriving at the Ivy Room and due to the chillier weather, the indoor ceremony option was set. Amanda and Chris worked with Jessica from HMR Designs to provide this gorgeous, romantic setting for their nuptials. The gold Versailles chairs, cluster of lanterns and leaf texture from Frost Chicago, and the elevated curly willow floral arrangements were absolutely perfect. A favorite moment of mine was that Chris’ mother was their officiant – what a unique detail. Keith, from Poetic Productions, was able to capture their exchange of vows, as Amanda and Chris kept their ceremony playful, yet full of love.

After the “I Do’s”, guests made their way downstairs for the cocktail hour and noshed on Wonton Crisps with Peking Duck and Paneer Bruschetta. As I mentioned, Amanda and Chris are foodies and they worked very closely with Julie from Entertaining Company to customize a food and beverage menu that wowed their guests. While guests enjoyed the festive atmosphere downstairs, we were busy flipping the room for the reception. Entertaining Company and HMR Designs worked hand in hand to transform the room into a fall landscape with the leaf texture on the walls, beige and espresso bengaline linens, and high and low centerpieces featuring green and antique hydrangeas, purple dendrobium orchids, burnt orange calla lilies, golden roses and burgundy hanging amaranthus.

Amanda, Chris and their Wedding Party were introduced into the room to “Danger Zone” by Kenny Loggins. Amanda’s father gave a short welcome to all of the guests and then the first course of Roasted Corn Chowder with Frisee Salad was served. Guests enjoyed toasting Amanda and Chris with the Miller High Life little pony. I mean, it is the champagne of beers! After an entrée of either Beef Short Ribs or Zucchini Encrusted Sable Fish, guests hit the dance floor with The Party Faithful for a night of celebration! Congratulations to Amanda and Chris!!

The-Ivy-Room-Wedding-Chicago-Planners_0110 The-Ivy-Room-Wedding-Chicago-Planners_0111 The-Ivy-Room-Wedding-Chicago-Planners_0112 The-Ivy-Room-Wedding-Chicago-Planners_0113 The-Ivy-Room-Wedding-Chicago-Planners_0114 The-Ivy-Room-Wedding-Chicago-Planners_0115 The-Ivy-Room-Wedding-Chicago-Planners_0116 The-Ivy-Room-Wedding-Chicago-Planners_0117 The-Ivy-Room-Wedding-Chicago-Planners_0118 The-Ivy-Room-Wedding-Chicago-Planners_0119 The-Ivy-Room-Wedding-Chicago-Planners_0120 The-Ivy-Room-Wedding-Chicago-Planners_0121 The-Ivy-Room-Wedding-Chicago-Planners_0122 The-Ivy-Room-Wedding-Chicago-Planners_0123 The-Ivy-Room-Wedding-Chicago-Planners_0124 The-Ivy-Room-Wedding-Chicago-Planners_0125 The-Ivy-Room-Wedding-Chicago-Planners_0126 The-Ivy-Room-Wedding-Chicago-Planners_0127 The-Ivy-Room-Wedding-Chicago-Planners_0128 The-Ivy-Room-Wedding-Chicago-Planners_0129 The-Ivy-Room-Wedding-Chicago-Planners_0130 The-Ivy-Room-Wedding-Chicago-Planners_0131 The-Ivy-Room-Wedding-Chicago-Planners_0132 The-Ivy-Room-Wedding-Chicago-Planners_0133 The-Ivy-Room-Wedding-Chicago-Planners_0134 The-Ivy-Room-Wedding-Chicago-Planners_0135 The-Ivy-Room-Wedding-Chicago-Planners_0136 The-Ivy-Room-Wedding-Chicago-Planners_0137 The-Ivy-Room-Wedding-Chicago-Planners_0138 The-Ivy-Room-Wedding-Chicago-Planners_0139 The-Ivy-Room-Wedding-Chicago-Planners_0140 The-Ivy-Room-Wedding-Chicago-Planners_0141 The-Ivy-Room-Wedding-Chicago-Planners_0142 The-Ivy-Room-Wedding-Chicago-Planners_0143 The-Ivy-Room-Wedding-Chicago-Planners_0144 The-Ivy-Room-Wedding-Chicago-Planners_0145 The-Ivy-Room-Wedding-Chicago-Planners_0146 The-Ivy-Room-Wedding-Chicago-Planners_0147 The-Ivy-Room-Wedding-Chicago-Planners_0148 The-Ivy-Room-Wedding-Chicago-Planners_0149 The-Ivy-Room-Wedding-Chicago-Planners_0150 The-Ivy-Room-Wedding-Chicago-Planners_0151 The-Ivy-Room-Wedding-Chicago-Planners_0152 The-Ivy-Room-Wedding-Chicago-Planners_0153 The-Ivy-Room-Wedding-Chicago-Planners_0154 The-Ivy-Room-Wedding-Chicago-Planners_0155 The-Ivy-Room-Wedding-Chicago-Planners_0156 The-Ivy-Room-Wedding-Chicago-Planners_0157 The-Ivy-Room-Wedding-Chicago-Planners_0158

Bakery: Alliance Bakery
Hair & Make-Up: Pin Me Up Chicago
Florist: Jessica at HMR Designs
Food & Beverage & Dessert Station: Entertaining Company
Lighting & Lanterns: Frost
Musicians: Colby Beserra & The Party Faithful
Officiant: Cynthia Burke (Mother of Groom)
Photographer: Kent Drake Photography
Photo Booth: Shutterbooth
Rehearsal Dinner: Bar Toma
Stationery: Invitations by Design
Transportation: The Trolley Car & Bus Company
Venue: The Ivy Room
Videographer: Poetic Productions
Wedding Planner: Nicole from LK Events

Joy & Meta, Private Residence

Where do I even start with these two amazing women? Talk about a love story through the years! They met in grade school on the same softball team, but didn’t start dating until after college. Joy and Meta chose to have a commitment ceremony in 2004 with over 200 of their family members and friends. When Illinois legalized Civil Unions in 2011, they had another celebration to celebrate their Civil Union License. Well of course that meant when the Same Gender Marriage Law was legalized on June 1, 2014, these two knew they had to have one last celebration of their love.

I had the honor of meeting Joy & Meta in early June at the Cook County Clerk’s Office. They had each brought their “witnesses” and the amazing Kent Drake Photography was also present to witness Joy & Meta signing their Civil Union license into a Marriage license. It was an emotional moment for all of us!

A week later, we gathered at Joy’s cousin’s home in Hinsdale for a beautiful reception to celebrate the last hurdle in Joy & Meta’s journey to be legally recognized as a couple. And it was beautiful…a beautiful evening, amazing food and drink, a hoppin’ dance floor and love radiating from every guest. It was such an honor to be a part of this marvelous moment.

Joy and Meta were envisioning a very relaxed celebration, but with a hint of elegance. We worked with Julie at Entertaining Company to develop the evening with rotating stations of food so that guests could meander around the property and find new food at every turn. Joy and Meta also mentioned that they were not “flower” girls, so Julie incorporated their color palette in the linens and glass vases used to accent the dining tables. Guests began arriving at 5pm and were greeted with passed wine, sparkling water and lavender lemonade for refreshments, along with Crispy Gnocchi, a Refreshing Melon and Tiny Tortilla Cups filled with Guacamole and Charred Corn.

Besides the amazing food, guests enjoyed taking photos in the Shutterbooth and dancing all night with spinning tunes from Mark from DJ-Chicago. There were also a few very heartfelt toasts that left not a dry eye in the place. Thank you, Joy and Meta, for allowing us to be a part of your very special day! We are so proud of you and your commitment to each other.

Joy-Meta-Wedding-Chicago-Private-Residence_0849 Joy-Meta-Wedding-Chicago-Private-Residence_0852 Joy-Meta-Wedding-Chicago-Private-Residence_0853 Joy-Meta-Wedding-Chicago-Private-Residence_0854 Joy-Meta-Wedding-Chicago-Private-Residence_0855 Joy-Meta-Wedding-Chicago-Private-Residence_0856 Joy-Meta-Wedding-Chicago-Private-Residence_0857 Joy-Meta-Wedding-Chicago-Private-Residence_0858 Joy-Meta-Wedding-Chicago-Private-Residence_0859 Joy-Meta-Wedding-Chicago-Private-Residence_0860 Joy-Meta-Wedding-Chicago-Private-Residence_0861 Joy-Meta-Wedding-Chicago-Private-Residence_0862 Joy-Meta-Wedding-Chicago-Private-Residence_0864 Joy-Meta-Wedding-Chicago-Private-Residence_0865 Joy-Meta-Wedding-Chicago-Private-Residence_0866 Joy-Meta-Wedding-Chicago-Private-Residence_0868 Joy-Meta-Wedding-Chicago-Private-Residence_0869 Joy-Meta-Wedding-Chicago-Private-Residence_0870 Joy-Meta-Wedding-Chicago-Private-Residence_0871 Joy-Meta-Wedding-Chicago-Private-Residence_0872 Joy-Meta-Wedding-Chicago-Private-Residence_0873 Joy-Meta-Wedding-Chicago-Private-Residence_0874 Joy-Meta-Wedding-Chicago-Private-Residence_0875 Joy-Meta-Wedding-Chicago-Private-Residence_0876 Joy-Meta-Wedding-Chicago-Private-Residence_0877

Beverages: Binny’s Beverage Depot
DJ: DJ-Chicago
Food & Non-Alcoholic Beverage: Entertaining Company
Linen: M&M The Special Events Company
Photographer: Kent Drake Photography
Photo Booth: Shutterbooth
Stationery: Clementine Ink + Paper
Tent: Partytime-HDO Productions
Valet & Transportation: V.I.P. Valet Services
Wedding Planner: LK Events

Getting Ready Photos with Kent Drake Photography

Planner, Check.
Venue, Check.
Caterer, Check.
Photographer, Check.
Band, Check.
Dress, Check.
Prep Location….?
A wedding checklist can be long and overwhelming, with some items feeling more rushed or important than the next. It’s a day you’ve thought about for years, envisioning the dress, the spouse, the venue, the portraits and everything in between, but you can’t . One item I wish to remind you of today, is another location you spend a good part of your time… The prep location!
For many of us, we aren’t born and raised in downtown Chicago. The city is full of transplants and professionals from the surrounding suburbs. You may also have out of town guests, and there is no way a bride & groom should be spending your wedding night in your own bed. The hotel you choose to call “home” for your wedding weekend has a few important factors, which I wanted to provide some insight on from the experience of a professional photographer. I hope this can serve you as some help!

Hotel Service

It’s possible you are having your ceremony and/or reception at the hotel you do your prep at. This is very convenient option for the day, and the hotel staff is there for you all weekend long. Whatever you need (within reason), they understand you are bringing in a lot of business, and should be providing flexible assistance to you and your guests during your stay. This makes the rehearsal process easier, and it’s a one stop shop for your wedding experience. Luxury hotels are not only immaculate, but they excel at high quality service, and that cannot be overlooked.
There are of course downsides to the all in one approach. Most obvious, being you miss out on some of the great venue spaces that are in Chicago. It’s a matter of taste, but there is no shortage of venue options. So due your research, and if you have a planner like LK Events, they know venues and staff inside and out. This is why you brought them in.

Getting Ready

As a photographer, this section will carry the most weight for me. Photographically, the room you decide to dress in, is a big part of your wedding day story. First and foremost, it should fit your style. If you are into modern furniture and sleek lines, that’s the hotel you should be looking for. If you are into classic Chicago architecture and motifs, you should be looking in that direction. Whatever it is, here is what is important to make those images really shine.

1. Windows:

Where ever you end up, ask for the room with the best light. In Chicago, that generally means south facing, and a high floor. That may not be the case for every hotel, so ask the hotel coordinator as you book your suite. Floor to ceiling windows are fantastic, and allow the photographer the most flexibility to control the room.

2. Suite:

You will have anywhere from 5 to 20 people in that room, depending on your bridal party and family size. That’s a crowd, and has the potential to overwhelm both you and the space. Having a large open suite with a living room set up is great, and multiple rooms are also a plus. I prefer to clear out a room of excess luggage and food/bottles before we starting photographing you putting on your dress. This also allows more flexibility for the photographer to shoot the dress, shoes, accessories without being in the way, or your bridesmaids can dress in the other rooms if need be.

3. Mirrors:

Once that dress is on, you need to see yourself from head to toe. After all the work you’ve put in, you deserve at least that much! If the room doesn’t have a full length mirror, ask the hotel what they have on hand.

4. Bridal Party:

I stress this with every couple I meet, and I will do so again here. Please consider having your bridal party dressed if they are done with hair & make up. At the very least, by the time you are putting on your dress. When you flip through your wedding album years down the road, you will appreciate the difference between your friends in their dress versus pajamas. This is so often overlooked, but it does change the tone, and adds that extra touch of class to the room. Now, I am all for getting your girls something personal and that matches to wear all morning long. I think this is great, and is really the best alternative. Whether it’s a robe, monogramed shirt or anything in-between, I love it. It’s a great idea, and is a wonderful favor.

5. The Gents:

Everything I said above stands here too, with just a little less stress on the suite and mirrors part. The biggest thing, is having the guys get ready in the same building as the girls. You ensure nobody forgets something, the planner/photographer can balance the schedule better, and if you wish to do a first look, it’s very complimentary to first looks. If you have the whole bridal party, parents and more at the same location, no one should be left behind, and everyone has someones cellphone number.

6. Perks:

What else does the hotel have to offer you? What is the aesthetic and environment of the space? Keep in mind, that many hotels have luxurious bars, lounge spaces, or even rooftops and terraces for you to access. These are priceless perks on your wedding day, so don’t forget to look beyond the suite itself!

Call an Audible! Private Residence

Let’s just say for a second you have no desire to use a hotel for yourself at all. I’ve photographed in many different prep locations, and it’s not the end of the world. If you have a space in the city that can hold your bridal party, is open and clean, I see no reason to dissuade you. I’ve been in friends homes, and also in more intimate settings with only immediate family present. I honestly loved that too. It was classy and personal, and that fit the bride.
Geting-Ready-Photos-Photography_2481 Geting-Ready-Photos-Photography_2483 Geting-Ready-Photos-Photography_2484
Everything I’ve shared is about finding what suits your tastes the best, and promoting a relaxing wedding environment. I hope that this was able to provide some insight and help to you in your planning process. Remember to seek advice from other professionals around you, our insight comes from nothing more than experience!

Jessica & Michael, The Ivy Room

I had the absolute pleasure of helping coordinate one of my dearest friends and colleagues’ wedding this past March.  Jessica and I have been working together for several years as she is a talented senior floral designer for Heffernan Morgan.  We became fast friends and have worked on some of our most memorable weddings together.  I was honored when she asked me to help with her wedding plans.

Jessica knew when Michael proposed, that she wanted her ceremony at St. Michael’s Church in Old Town.  The reception was at her favorite venue in Chicago, The Ivy Room.  Given her event schedule, Jessica decided on having the wedding in March, which worked out perfectly, given that March is one of the best months for floral! Jessica designed her entire wedding, starting with the gorgeous bridesmaids gifts.  She made each of them custom wooden boxes with wedding inspirations and personal messages about how important each of the girls were to her.  The bridesmaids all wore variations of gold, champagne and ivory dresses that looked beautiful with the groomsmen’s grey suits.

For the reception, Jessica used bold patterns in shades of gold, ivory and grey, with an abundance of candlelight and modern lighting.  These elements created a sophisticated yet warm and intimate feel.  The floral centerpieces consisted of garden roses, white sweet pea (the bride’s favorite), ranunculus, dusty miller and camelia.  For the “dinner club” feel, banquettes were used that surrounded custom mirrored top tables.  There were custom grey patterned linens on the round and long rectangular tables.  The gold sequin linens that adorned the head table were stunning, along with the custom sputnik chandeliers that hung low over the banquettes.

Jessica created and assembled all of her own invitations, programs, menu and place cards.  Her father made the backdrop for the band, Michael’s dad made the wooden table numbers and Jessica’s mom made the late night cookies to go.  A real family affair! Jessica even baked her own wedding cake!!  Her delicious carrot and chocolate cake was THE best wedding cake I have ever had.

Jessica’s design expertise showed in creating her own magnificent wedding reception.  She had so many personal details that made her wedding day truly special and unique to her and Michael.  It was such an honor to be able to help one of my dearest friends with her wedding.

Congratulations Jessica and Michael!

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Ceremony Site: St. Michael’s Church in Old Town
Reception Venue: The Ivy Room
Photographer: Kent Drake Photography
Caterer: Entertaining Company
Band: Green Light Band
Rentals: Halls Rentals
Linens: BBJ Linen & Tailored Elements
Floral and Decor: Heffernan Morgan Ronsley (HMR) Designs
Planner: LK Events
Cutting Cake: Tipsy Cake
Wedding Cake: THE BRIDE!
(Jessica baked the cakes that were served to the guests – carrot and chocolate)
Bride’s Dress: White by Vera Wang
Bride’s Shoes: BCBG
Groom’s Suit: Hugo Boss
Groom’s Shoes: Gucci
Groomsmen’s Ties: Men’s Warehouse
Bride’s Fur: A vintage find borrowed from a colleague
Band Backdrop: Father of the Bride
Table Numbers: Father of the Groom
Guest Favors: Mother of the Bride
Programs, Invites, and Day-of Paperie: The Bride
Bridesmaid ‘s Boxes: The Bride